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Made in Portugal: 32 Best Portuguese Menswear Brands

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There’s no better country to look to for high-quality, sustainable menswear than Portugal. This small nation is well known for its production of high-quality jersey fabrics, textile innovation, and luxury shoemaking – all key factors for great men’s clothing and basics. 

If you’re after a simple black tee you can reach for again and again, or formal shoes crafted to luxury quality without the luxury price tag, then explore the Portuguese menswear brands I’ve highlighted below.

I’ve vetted these 32 brands for transparency and ethics to ensure they produce garments and shoes in Portugal –  with this list you can find men’s fashion where style meets conscience.

To be honest, I’m jealous. The timeless menswear made here is absolutely beautiful, the quality is insane, and there’s a huge range, making it easy to shop ethically and sustainably for fair prices.

Missing your favourite Portuguese menswear brand? Leave me a comment below.

Men’s clothing and basics made in Portugal


My favourite T-shirt is an ISTO tee. This Portuguese brand pins itself on transparency and tells you the cost of producing each of its luxury essentials. The range of organic cotton T-shirts has expanded to timeless linen shirts, chinos, jeans, jackets, sweaters and pull-overs for both men and women. The quality is so nice and they have a few physical stores in Lisbon too.

Shop ISTO online, or in Lisbon stores


This Portuguese brand produces classic and cosy, basic clothing for men and women in mostly natural fibres like recycled wool, linen and cotton. Last year they released their first sustainability report which goes as far to detail CO2 emissions, local supply chains and the impact on communities around Portugal. They have big ambitions to become even more transparent. Find chino shorts, tees and sweaters for men.

Shop Naz

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Inspired by life here by the Atlantic Ocean, +351 is a great Portuguese-made option for casual T-shirts, sweatpants, pull-overs and more. Founded by Ana Penha e Costa in 2015, this relaxed brand produces everything in the north of Portugal.

Shop +351 online, or in Lisbon stores


Two childhood friends – Vera Caldeira and Pedro Ferraz – fell in love with the ancient art of block printing on the trip to India. Soon after they launched this small and colourful Lisbon-based brand making shirts from the stunning fabric. Now they’ve added sweaters and pants, but everything is still made here in Portugal.

Shop Mustique

Fairly Normal

This independent menswear brand is inspired by Lisbon’s city and coastal landscapes. The outcome is a label to match the city’s laidback, relaxed style with traditional menswear influenced by surf subculture. Shop for flannel shirts, t-shirts, pants, knitwear and even surf boards.

Shop Fairly Normal online, or at Embaixada in Lisbon

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“Designed for distinguished men”, A Industria is a men’s apparel brand crafted here in Lisbon using the finest materials. While there’s a small range of t-shirts, it’s all about bags and accessories. You can shop a huge range of classic bags for any occasion that combine canvas and leather, from weekenders through to wallets.

Shop A Industria online, or at Embaixada or the LX Factory in Lisbon


Portuguese slow fashion brand wetheknot offers unisex, long-lasting clothing designed and produced here. Shop the collection made with high-quality sustainable materials at the store in Alfama.

Shop wetheknot online, or in the Lisbon store

La Paz

Inspired by the Atlantic Ocean and local people, LA PAZ is a menswear label that works directly with Portuguese manufacturers to create timeless pieces.

Shop La Paz online, or in the Lisbon store


Looking for cool patterns and sustainable men’s shirts? Otherwise is the slow fashion brand you need for summer fun. While this Lisbon label doesn’t produce on Portuguese shores, it is transparent about its Fair Trade principles and works with makers in India to produce bright, light men’s shirts. 

Shop Otherwise online, or at Lisbon stores

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Armazém das Malhas

Better sweaters? Try Armazém das Malhas. This heritage family-owned brand has been producing high-quality jumpers and pullovers since 1941. Head to the shop to try knitwear and shoes made in Portugal.

Shop Armazém das Malhas, or in the Lisbon stores

Edmmond Studios

I’ve opted to include this menswear brand, founded in Madrid, as I’ve noticed most of their production is made in Portugal. As a larger label, they have a greater range and you can shop a refreshed take on high-quality contemporary and timeless menswear staples. You find them it stocked

Shop Edmmond Studios online, or in retailers in Lisbon, Porto and Braga

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Portuguese footwear brands for men 

Portugal seems to specialise in truly exceptional mens footwear, so if you’re after your forever piece or high-quality European-made sneakers, look over here.


Mixing art, travel, and fashion – these sneakers have such a great story. As the name suggests, Shoevenir creates sneakers with designs linked to Portuguese destinations. You can pick the ‘Lisboa’ pair to celebrate memories made in the capital, or the ‘Azores’ one to remember wild times on the islands. Each pair starts with an illustration from a local artist that represents the destination, then that piece of art inspires the shoes. These sneakers are made 100% in Portugal using vegan leather, cotton laces, and a recycled cork insole. 

Shop Shoevenir – use code ‘oladaniela’ for 15% off
Ships worldwide (free)


Hirundo make absolutely stunning, high-quality off-white leather sneakers with funky rubber soles. The leather, cork insoles, organic cotton laces, and rubber are all sourced from within a few hours of the factory in Porto, and their sustainability mission is continuous improvement. Hirundo also sells cotton t-shirts and socks.

Shop Hirundo online, or at the Embaixada Lisbon store

Nae Vegan Shoes

Nae stands for No Animal Exploitation, so as you’d expect this Portuguese footwear label is entirely vegan. Founded back in 2008, the well-established brand produces men’s shoes and accessories in certified and ethical factories in Portugal. With the environment and durability in mind, Nae explores materials such as piñatex, cork, organic cotton, recycled PET, and vegan leather.

Shop Nae footwear – Exclusive 15% off with code NAE15

Zouri Shoes

If you’re looking for sneakers, look to Zouri. This vegan footwear brand rescues plastic trash from the Portuguese coast and uses it along with natural rubber in the soles of its shoes, which are made in Guimarães. Beyond using canvas, they’re playing around with special vegan leathers like apple, pineapple and pine leather. When you receive your shoes you’ll also get a letter telling you where exactly the ocean plastic was collected from (by volunteers, schools and NGOs) and the person that made your shoes.

Shop Zouri Shoes


This 90-year-old sneaker company was recently reborn, bringing the classic style of its legacy shoes with it. Focused on quality and comfort, Sanjo produces all its skater-style sneakers in Portugal. Beyond it’s unisex collections, Sanjo also creates sneakers for children and outerwear.

Shop Sanjo


Sustainability looks different at new.ve. This relatively new brand, born in 2022, uses discarded apple skins and recycles tennis balls to create its range of vegan sneakers. The shoes are made in Portugal near Guimarāes.

Shop new.ve, ships worldwide


Since 2008 this shoewear brand has been producing slick, chic and stylish sneakers in Guimarāes. It sounds like the family-run brand was launched off their own manufacturing business, meaning Ambitious has great control and transparency.

Shop Ambitious, ships worldwide


More than 70 years ago Manuel established his original workshop, and while this luxury men’s footwear brand has evolved, grown and passed down to the 4th generation, the site at Rua Jaime Afreixo still serves as the foundation for Mariano’s footwear production. Sought after by discerning customers worldwide, Mariano’s shoes are handcrafted and high-quality. Every step of the process, from conception to design, is meticulously carried out by skilled and talented artisans who transform dreams into individual masterpieces. Visit the store in Lisbon.

Shop Mariano, ships worldwide

Luís Onofre

While the Luís Onofre brand was born in 1999, the man behind the label comes from the third generation of a family who has been in footwear since 1939. Luís Onofre produces luxury footwear for both men and women using high-class materials, and combining innovation and technology with traditional hand-made techniques. Shop in-store in Porto or Lisbon.

Shop Luis Onofre, ships worldwide

Citadin Shoes

Citadin creates high-quality men’s shoes without the high price tag. How? They cut the middleman, working directly with factories and avoiding retailers. For a long time you could only shop Citadin boots, sneakers, loafers and dress shoes online, but now you can visit the Lisbon boutique in Chiado.

Shop Citadin Shoes

Centenário 1941

Another heritage brand, this Portuguese footwear company is now in the third generation and continues to produce classic shoes, primarily for men and with a small women’s collection.

Shop Centenário 1941

Miguel Vieira

This Portuguese fashion brand embodies elegance, charm, and glamour in its shoe collections. Expect shoes for men and women that reflect modern classic cuts and use carefully selected raw materials.

Shop Miguel Vieira

Hugo Manuel

Since 1996 this Portuguese shoe brand has produced classic styles primarily for men, with a more limited women’s collection. Explore the stores in Portugal or shop online.

Shop Hugo Manuel, ships within Europe


So I just learnt that golf shoes are a thing. If you’re in the market for a pair of shoes to hit the green, check out Lambda who produce golf shoes here in Portugal.

Shop Lambda, ships worldwide


Since 1988 this Portuguese shoe brand has been finding an alternative edge to footwear, carving its own path. The brand primarily produces timeless mens shoes, boots, and sneakers with a smaller women’s range.

Shop Nobrand, ships worldwide


There are so many amazing sock brands produced in Portugal, so I won’t list them out brand by brand. For both men and women, look to VOLTA who work with local artists and support charities with every sale. Sir Tile is another favourite – they make azulejo inspired socks locally.

For fun souvenir socks try Chule, for fun and plain business socks made in Portugal look to Captain Socks and My Travelling Socks, and for classy business socks try WestMister.

Pedemeia is a historic brand from Braga that produces a huge range of everyday and special socks, and has physical stores in big cities around Portugal and Spain.

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