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Made in Portugal: 20 Portuguese T-Shirt Brands

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There’s no better basic than the humble T-shirt. Whenever I take a vacation, I often pack fancy linen shirts and colourful dresses, but more often than not I just wish I’d packed a few more classic T-shirts.

Portugal is well known for its production of jersey fabrics. After buying my first Portugal-made T-shirt four years ago I’ve become a huge fan of the high-quality knit fabrics and cuts that don’t warp. While it did hurt to pay a little more than €30 for that first T-shirt, it’s still in rotation in my wardrobe today – so the cost per wear has been minimal. Since then I’ve added more colours and can attest to the quality of a T-shirt made in Portugal.

To help you find your next basic Portuguese-made or European-made T-shirt, I’ve rounded up a bunch of local brands that produce beautiful tees with high-quality jersey fabrics right here. I’ve split this article into basic T-shirts, cuts for women, and cool streetwear brands with prints.

Best basic T-shirts


I’m a big fan of ISTO, and indeed that first T-shirt I bought was from this brand that prides itself on radical transparency. My little black ISTO tees has been with me since 2020 and it still gets packed for almost every holiday. ISTO used to have a women’s range, but now it is 100% focused on making mens clothing – but I actually think I bought the men’s tee by accident and it fits amazingly so I’ll be shopping the men’s section again soon.

Shop ISTO tees

We The Knot

Two friends Filipe and Sérgio, a graphic designer and a fashion designer, met in Lisbon and launched this project more than a decade ago. The idea was to create minimalistic and  sustainable products, so basic T-shirts or long-sleeve shirts makes up part of their collection. Each is made in Portugal using 100% organic cotton.

Shop We The Knot

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ARMEDANGELS says they were doing eco before it was cool – and everything for this huge German-based brand started with the humble T-shirt back in 2007. Digging around their site, you can find a huge range of tees and tanks cut for both men and women in various styles, jersey weights and fabrics – and most, if not all, are made in Portugal. 



You have to be confident to call your product “The Perfect T-Shirt”, but that’s the claim Sanvt makes. Produced in a factory near Porto, Savnt is a Munich-based brand that creates a range of luxury essentials at affordable prices. It makes T-shirts designed specifically for men and for women, with different fits and jersey weights. 


Desculpa Babe

It’s rare to find anything written in the Portuguese language, so I really love this small label that creates basic tees. The name – Desculpa Babe – means “Sorry Babe” and they embroider this catchphrase along with sentences like “não és tu, sou eu” (it’s not you, it’s me). Every element of the T-shirts are made in Portugal.

Shop Desculpa Babe

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I really like the Portuguese label Seapath, which creates T-shirts and long-sleeve tees for men and women using sustainable fabrics like organic and recycled cotton, or deadstock cotton. Everything is designed and made in Portugal, and they collaborate with illustrators to create cool prints.

Shop Seapath

rust & may

This Portuguese brand mixes ethically made T-shirts with customisation. You can personalise your sweatshirt, tee or cap with whatever you like, or order one of the cool ready-made T-shirts for men, women or kids.

Shop rust & may


Swedish brand ASKET launched in 2015 with just a T-shirt, made in Portugal (of course). Since then the brand has grown “in the pursuit of less” always trying to improve the “single, permanent collection of uncompromising essentials”. It produces its T-shirts in northern Portugal in Várzia.



For minimalist basic tees, Momen has a range of organic cotton T-shirts for men that are ethically and sustainably made here in Portugal.

Shop Momen

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T-shirts for women

While most brands tout themselves as unisex, sometimes us women want a great tank top or T-shirt structured for our fit. Below find brands 100% dedicated to producing clothing for women. Some brands, like Seapath (mentioned above), also have collections designed just for women. 


Lisbon-born atheleisure label Organique produces beautifully soft and sustainable t-shirts and tank tops here in Portugal. The label has a luxe feel, partially as they make each garment using TENCEL™ Lyocell, which has a fluid drape and almost silky texture.



This Portuguese brand produces classic and cosy, basic clothing women in mostly natural fibres like recycled wool, linen and cotton. You’ll find a range of singlets and sweaters cut for women. Their annual sustainability reports detail CO2 emissions, local supply chains and the impact on communities around Portugal.

Shop Naz

Le Mot

After six years in Paris, founder Susana returned to her hometown of Lisbon and started Le Mot. This fashion label mostly produce beautiful women’s T-shirts here in Portugal with slogans or sayings in French.

Shop Le Mot

Made in Portugal streetwear T-shirts 


Back in 2007 a group of friends “that soon became a skate crew” launched Ementa. Apparently the goal was to have fun together and create something that others could feel the energy of. Ementa certainly has the best vibes of any Portuguese brand I’ve encountered, and some of the coolest prints around. With roots in skate culture and friendship, Ementa makes great T-shirts and other clothing here in Portugal.

Shop Ementa


This small Portuguese brand is growing each year, and its collection of fantastic T-shirts only gets better. Expect to find unisex t-shirts made from high-quality organic cotton either in plain colours or with cool prints inspired by coastal living.

Shop Imago


Street Lisbon label Latte produces ts T-shirts here in Portugal with edgy sayings or cool slogans. As a freelancer myself, I’m rather tempted by the “f*ck you, pay me” tee.

Shop Latte


Living in step with the Atlantic Ocean inspires the founder of +351, a casual Portuguese-made brand that serves up T-shirts, sweatpants, pull-overs and more. Founded by Ana Penha e Costa in 2015, this relaxed brand produces everything in the north of Portugal.

Shop +351

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Two childhood friends – Vera Caldeira and Pedro Ferraz – fell in love with the ancient art of block printing on the trip to India. Soon after they launched this small Lisbon-based brand making shirts from the stunning fabric. Since they’ve added knitwear, T-shirts and more – all made here in Portugal.

Shop Mustique

La Paz

Inspired by the Atlantic Ocean and local people, LA PAZ is a menswear label that works directly with Portuguese manufacturers to create timeless pieces. You can buy basic, high-quality Portuguese T-shirts here – and I always love the prints they do.



For Made in Portugal clothing popular with the French, look to Homecore. Apparently this menswear label has been around since 1992 and has always produced clothing here, but Homecore only recently opened a bricks-and-mortar boutique in the country. Shop bright and fun basic tees, shirts, shorts and more. They also sell Veja sneakers.

Shop Homecore

Edmmond Studios

Edmmond Studios offer high-quality contemporary and timeless menswear staples. One of the great staples of their range is, of course, T-shirts and they are all made in Portugal. 

Shop Edmmond Studios

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