Where to eat in Coimbra

COimbra travel guide

At the centre of Central Portugal lies Coimbra, an ancient city with a young student heart. The food scene in Coimbra covers it all, from fine dining and chic restaurants to rooftop bars and late-night kebab shops. There are half a dozen must-try regional sweets, plus hearty local specialities like chanfana (rich goat stew) and […]

36 hours in Coimbra

Coimbra weekend travel guide - Jardim Manga Coimbra

You won’t see the inside of Coimbra’s most stunning building on this blog, or almost anywhere. So concerned is the leadership of Portugal’s oldest — and for hundreds of years only — university with protecting the bibliophilic treasures enshrined on the holiest floor of its ancient library that no photos are allowed. Think of it […]

Tile of the day: Step inside Capela de São Miguel in Coimbra

Best things to do in Coimbra - visit Capela de São Miguel - University of Coimbra

Having seen many, many tiled chapels it takes quite a lot to blow me away but the Capela de São Miguel in Coimbra is jaw-droppingly beautiful. It’s definitely up there among the most beautiful tiles and breathtaking sights in Portugal. Covered floor-to-ceiling in intricately hand-painted azulejos, ornate wooden balustrades, with a brightly painted ceiling and […]

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