The best cooking classes in Lisbon, Porto, the Algarve, Azores & Madeira

Cooking class Portugal

Portuguese food is so delicious, yet so simple. How do home cooks and local chefs turn a handful of ingredients into these fantastic Portuguese dishes? Well, the best way to find out is to join a cooking class. Why should you join a Portuguese cooking class? As someone who is deeply obsessed with food, I […]

Where to eat in Porto

Castanhas, Porto, Portugal

Francesinhas (the everything sandwich). Pork steak sandwiches. Offal stew. Spicy hot dogs. The food in the north of Portugal is heavier, that’s for sure.  I adore Porto (and its food). It has everything you want and need from a city in a small walkable centre that’s cheaper than Lisbon. I’ve visited countless times now, and […]

Where to eat in the Algarve

Seafood at Casa Corvo, Portugal

Fine dining fans could spend the week knocking back degustation menus at Michelin-starred restaurants and emptying jugs of white sangria at beach bars priced for the British crowd. Me? With my tasca budget and Michelin palate, I hunt for the best tabernas, cervejarias and marisqueiras that locals love as much as blow-ins like us. These […]

25 traditional dishes to order in Portugal

Workers enjoying lunch on a terrace in Lisbon, Portugal

There’s a lot more to Portuguese food than piri piri chicken and custard tarts.  In this article I’ve rounded up two dozen or so traditional Portuguese dishes you can easily order throughout the country.  When it comes to eating in Portugal, I’m always amazed by the wide variety of dishes, seasonal specials and regional plates, […]

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