Best tiles in Porto: Where to find Porto’s most beautiful azulejos

Vintage car going past cool tiles in Porto

It doesn’t matter how many times I visit Porto, I’m always blown away by the city’s cultural legacy: tiles.  Hand-painted tiles adorn the facades of buildings, palaces, and churches, some dating back centuries with many narrating stories of Portugal’s past with vibrant colors and intricate designs. Azulejos are really one of Portugal’s most important artistic […]

Tile of the day: Step inside Capela de São Miguel in Coimbra

Best things to do in Coimbra - visit Capela de São Miguel - University of Coimbra

Having seen many, many tiled chapels it takes quite a lot to blow me away but the Capela de São Miguel in Coimbra is jaw-droppingly beautiful. It’s definitely up there among the most beautiful tiles and breathtaking sights in Portugal. Covered floor-to-ceiling in intricately hand-painted azulejos, ornate wooden balustrades, with a brightly painted ceiling and […]

Tile of the day: Santarém Train Station

On the journey from Lisbon to Porto I often look out the window when we pass stations to see if the platforms and buildings have gorgeous hand-painted tiles. I finally had a journey finishing in Santarém, so naturally I took the chance to see the train station’s tiles up close. While the Estação de Santarém […]

Tile of the day: Capela das Almas de Santa Catarina in Porto

Azulejos at Capela das Almas de Catarina or Santa Catarina Chapel in Porto

The tiled churches of Porto are simply insane. One minute you’re peacefully wandering the old streets and – boom – you turn a corner and there pops out yet another church or chapel clad in impressive blue-and-white illustrative azulejos.  Today’s #tileoftheday is diving deep on Capela das Almas de Catarina or Capela de Santa Catarina, […]

9 best things to do in Figueira da Foz

Figueira da Foz

Have you ever been ice skating on the beach? For Jorge’s birthday in January I wanted to get away somewhere north of Lisbon, ideally where his family in Aveiro could meet us for lunch and Jorge could enjoy a winter surf. I landed on Figueira da Foz. The small city lies where the River Mondego […]

Tile of the day: Sé Cathedral do Porto

Sé Cathedral do Porto is Porto's best sunset spot

Sé Cathedral do Porto is covered in some of the most spectacular blue-and-white tile scenes to check out. Visit in winter to enjoy a magical sunset from the top of a tower.

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