36 hours in Coimbra

Coimbra weekend travel guide - Jardim Manga Coimbra

You won’t see the inside of Coimbra’s most stunning building on this blog, or almost anywhere. So concerned is the leadership of Portugal’s oldest — and for hundreds of years only — university with protecting the bibliophilic treasures enshrined on the holiest floor of its ancient library that no photos are allowed. Think of it […]

48 Hours in Guimarães

Weekend guide to Guimaraes

Welcome to the birthplace of Portugal. Step back in time with this weekend guide of things to do in Guimarães.

48 hours in Monsaraz

Jorge in the Alentejo at Monsaraz

This area of the Alentejo is dotted with cute towns, wineries, olive groves, prehistoric monuments and the biggest artificial lake in Europe. Here’s my guide for things to do around Monsaraz.

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