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Hearty nose-to-tail eating; centuries-old traditions, art and architecture; and a knack for throwing a great party to celebrate just about anything  — all accompanied by one of Europe’s most varied and under explored wine cultures. Portugal is so much more than custard tarts and beaches.

From the rugged interior to the stunning 1,794 kilometres of coastline to the remote island archipelagos, this small country continues to amaze me with the breadth of landscapes, experiences, kind people and food on offer.

In the north the the food is heartier and the weather harsher but the history and nature will blow you away. In the middle, the underrated Central region is a land of contrasts, with gigantic salty waves and snow.

Lisbon is the capital of cool but drive 20 minutes and you’ll find yourself in olive fields watching pigs graze beneath towering cork trees of the Alentejo. Keep going south and you’ll hit the Algarve, a holiday playground known for sunshine, seafood and sunburnt British tourists (but I can help you avoid them).

Portugal’s two autonomous island regionsthe Azores and Madeira – offer an Atlantic version of the tropics, with wild weather, dense forests and volcanic landscapes from another world.

Discover each region of Portugal with the help of my guides.

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