Made in Portugal


Who is Daniela Sunde-Brown?

I’m an Australian travel writer and former food critic who has been living in Lisbon since 2018.

I spend my days exploring Portugal and trying to learn Portuguese, but mostly I sit at my desk drinking coffee, writing for publications and using the power of words for a few lucky tourism clients. You can learn more about me on my professional site.

What’s this blog about?

I started Olá Daniela as a place to share and record my love of Portugal.

I’m incredibly passionate about all things made, grown and created here in this tiny Iberian nation. Whether that’s the antique tiles on buildings, or newly crafted baskets and blankets, through to what local chefs are doing with local produce. Portuguese cuisine is hugely underrated and I want to do my part to deepen the knowledge and experiences that expats and visitors have while in Portugal.

What to expect?

I’m obsessed with azulejos (tiles), local restaurants (tascas) and culture (traditions). These are the three things that inspired me to start this project. But beyond that, expect helpful guides to exploring Portugal with road trips, city guides, food guides and favourite finds.

Shoot me a message if you have any special requests at [email protected]

Why Portugal?

I’ve always seen myself moving to Europe for a few years, but I never pictured Portugal. In fact, I’d never stepped foot in this country until I turned up with my single suitcase and a bundle of enthusiasm.

My long-time boyfriend’s father is Portuguese but never spoke the language with him growing up. So Jorge has always wanted to fill the hole in his heart by immersing himself here and further connecting with his Portuguese family.

To convince me that Portugal was better than all the other countries, Jorge showed me the weather forecast and average temperatures every time we talked about the move. Sure enough, it worked. But now I have at least two dozen more reasons why anyone should move here, which I’m sure you’ll find on the pages of this blog.