Local’s guide to the LX Factory, Lisbon’s creative micro neighbourhood

I’ve been living within a five-minute walk of the LX Factory in Alcântara – one of Lisbon’s best things to do – for the past five years, so I know the industrial warehouses and creative precinct of this micro-neighbourhood very well. That’s why I’ve written this guide, sharing the best things to do along with where […]

20 best things to do in Évora, the Alentejo capital

History doesn’t have to be something you experience only in textbooks. In Évora you can touch, taste, and experience the marks left by ancient civilisations. From the remains of a Roman temple to the grandeur of its medieval cathedral, the capital of Portugal’s relaxed Alentejo region is a living, breathing museum of the country’s storied […]

Where to eat in Évora: best restaurants, cafés & sweets

If I had to pick a favourite regional Portuguese cuisine I’d choose the Alentejo. This expansive land of cork trees, olive groves, and vineyards has produced some of my all-time favourite Portuguese dishes.  At the heart of it all lies Évora, the Alentejo capital, a small whitewashed city finished with yellow trim where you’ll find […]

Where to shop in Évora: artisans & boutiques

Whenever I visit a destination I always want to explore what is made there. In the Alentejo that means a rich heritage of terracotta pottery, wool capotes (coats), cork products, folk-art painted furniture, rugs, wine and more. Évora, the Alentejo capital, is a small and charming city with a historic core that is a joy […]

29 best things to do in Sintra

Pena Palace is absolutely beautiful. It's one of the best things to do in Sintra near Lisbon

Sintra is Lisbon’s best day trip, for sure. Each year millions of visitors flock to the UNESCO World Heritage Sintra village to explore enchanting 19th-century palaces and eat a travesseiro. But there’s much more to do here than tick off the top sights and twirl around a palace (though there are plenty of opportunities to […]

Lisbon’s best day trip: Sintra 1 or 2-Day Itinerary

1 Day itinerary for Sintra includes the Moorish Castle

I always say Sintra is Lisbon’s best day trip and encourage anyone visiting me here in the Portuguese capital to take at least a day to explore. Fairytale palaces, dense mystical forest, charming villages, oversized mossy boulders and a wild, rugged coastline define the historic Sintra village and wider region, and while there’s so much […]

2024 Food Festival Guide: Best Gastronomic Events in Portugal

Chefs on Fire is one of the best food festivals in Portugal

From celebrating sausages and sweet potatoes to Michelin-starred chefs cooking with fire, Portugal honours its rich gastronomic heritage with dozens of food festivals, wine fairs and events. Food is closely intertwined with culture in Portugal so it’s no surprise the small country puts on more than its fair share of food events. Each village has […]

23 Best Medieval & Historic Events in Portugal in 2024

Colourful banners flutter above cheering crowds as knights on horseback clash in a tournament for the ages. The air is thick with the scents of roasting meat and red wine, and music from another era fills your ears. Vendors hawk their wares from stalls while theatrical performers bring every corner to life, dressed as noble […]

The Best Food Tours & Experiences in Lisbon

A food tour is my favourite way to get to know a new destination, and Lisbon is a prime place to explore via your stomach. As you traverse its hilly cobbled streets you’ll soak up history as you sip ginjinha, snack on pastéis de bacalhau, and hear tales and legends about the city.    Portugal’s capital […]

Made in Portugal: 24 Best Portuguese Sneaker Brands

Shoevenir sneakers made in Portugal

From classic kicks with a modern twist to eco-friendly leathers that don’t compromise on sustainability to custom-made kicks complete with an NFT – these Portuguese shoe brands have something for every type of sneaker enthusiast.  Portuguese shoes are well known for their quality, style, and detail, and it’s no different when it comes to sneakers […]

Best tiles in Porto: Where to find Porto’s most beautiful azulejos

Vintage car going past cool tiles in Porto

It doesn’t matter how many times I visit Porto, I’m always blown away by the city’s cultural legacy: tiles.  Hand-painted tiles adorn the facades of buildings, palaces, and churches, some dating back centuries with many narrating stories of Portugal’s past with vibrant colors and intricate designs. Azulejos are really one of Portugal’s most important artistic […]

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