The best tile painting workshops in Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve

Gazete Azulejos tile workshop Porto

Among Portugal’s artistic treasures, it’s the azulejos that matter most. Steeped in centuries of tradition, hand-painted tiles adorn the facades of buildings, palaces, and churches, narrating stories of Portugal’s past with vibrant colors and intricate designs. If you’re visiting Portugal – or live here – you may have an interest in a tile painting workshop […]

Tile of the day: Step inside Capela de São Miguel in Coimbra

Best things to do in Coimbra - visit Capela de São Miguel - University of Coimbra

Having seen many, many tiled chapels it takes quite a lot to blow me away but the Capela de São Miguel in Coimbra is jaw-droppingly beautiful. It’s definitely up there among the most beautiful tiles and breathtaking sights in Portugal. Covered floor-to-ceiling in intricately hand-painted azulejos, ornate wooden balustrades, with a brightly painted ceiling and […]

Tile of the day: Santarém Train Station

On the journey from Lisbon to Porto I often look out the window when we pass stations to see if the platforms and buildings have gorgeous hand-painted tiles. I finally had a journey finishing in Santarém, so naturally I took the chance to see the train station’s tiles up close. While the Estação de Santarém […]

Where to shop for tiles (azulejos) in Portugal

Gazete Azulejos tile workshop Porto

Portugal’s azulejos or tiles seem to be everywhere you look across Lisbon, Porto and Portugal’s smaller cities. It’s hard not to fall in love with the unique patterns and colours that blanket whole buildings and make this small European country and its streets beloved for their beauty.  Of course, if you’re visiting Portugal you’ll want […]

Tile of the day: Sé Cathedral do Porto

Sé Cathedral do Porto is Porto's best sunset spot

Sé Cathedral do Porto is covered in some of the most spectacular blue-and-white tile scenes to check out. Visit in winter to enjoy a magical sunset from the top of a tower.

Tile of the day: Sesimbra

Tile in Sesimbra

Just 30 minute from Lisbon, the hard-working fishing village of Sesimbra is topped by an ancient castle and surrounded by forest parks and the sea.

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