20 best things to do in Évora, the Alentejo capital

History doesn’t have to be something you experience only in textbooks. In Évora you can touch, taste, and experience the marks left by ancient civilisations. From the remains of a Roman temple to the grandeur of its medieval cathedral, the capital of Portugal’s relaxed Alentejo region is a living, breathing museum of the country’s storied […]

Where to eat in Évora: best restaurants, cafés & sweets

If I had to pick a favourite regional Portuguese cuisine I’d choose the Alentejo. This expansive land of cork trees, olive groves, and vineyards has produced some of my all-time favourite Portuguese dishes.  At the heart of it all lies Évora, the Alentejo capital, a small whitewashed city finished with yellow trim where you’ll find […]

Where to shop in Évora: artisans & boutiques

Whenever I visit a destination I always want to explore what is made there. In the Alentejo that means a rich heritage of terracotta pottery, wool capotes (coats), cork products, folk-art painted furniture, rugs, wine and more. Évora, the Alentejo capital, is a small and charming city with a historic core that is a joy […]

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