Best tiles in Porto: Where to find Porto’s most beautiful azulejos

Vintage car going past cool tiles in Porto

It doesn’t matter how many times I visit Porto, I’m always blown away by the city’s cultural legacy: tiles.  Hand-painted tiles adorn the facades of buildings, palaces, and churches, some dating back centuries with many narrating stories of Portugal’s past with vibrant colors and intricate designs. Azulejos are really one of Portugal’s most important artistic […]

Where to eat in Porto

Castanhas, Porto, Portugal

Francesinhas (the everything sandwich). Pork steak sandwiches. Offal stew. Spicy hot dogs. The food in the north of Portugal is heavier, that’s for sure.  I adore Porto (and its food). It has everything you want and need from a city in a small walkable centre that’s cheaper than Lisbon. I’ve visited countless times now, and […]

6 Best Food Markets in Portugal

Summer produce at Mercado de Guiamrães

My favourite way to get to know a place is through its food, and there’s no better place to start than at the source – the local fresh produce markets. Every town and city in Portugal is home to permanent market halls filled with fruit and veg vendors, fish wives, butchers, cheesemongers and spice stalls.  […]

Portugal Road Trip: Where to stop between Lisbon and Porto

Things to do in Aveiro with Ola Daniela

Most people visiting Portugal for the first time are keen to visit Lisbon and Porto, the biggest and second-biggest cities. But driving three hours directly from one to another skips out on coastal gems, medieval walled villages, wine regions, castles, and plenty of culture. Yes, Lisbon and Porto are two distinct cities with unique architecture, […]

The best pastel de nata cooking classes in Lisbon and Porto

Pastel de nata cooking class or workshop

If you’ve become obsessed with Portugal’s pasteis de natas (Portuguese custard tarts) then you have two options: If you’re interested in learning the secrets behind this irresistible Portuguese pastry (and potentially learn to bake other traditional desserts), read on to find the many hands-on pastéis de nata classes found across Lisbon and Porto.  What is […]

My 6 favourite Portugal adventures from 2022

Things to do in Alentejo - Arraiolos

Naturally, after a couple of pandemic years exploring the width and breadth of Portugal, I jumped at the chance to explore beyond the country’s borders this year. But while it was brilliant to go abroad for new and nostalgic adventures, I started to miss exploring the cute white-washed or stone villages, wild nature and friendly […]

How to spend 48 hours in Porto

Sé Cathedral do Porto is Porto's best sunset spot

Porto is the ultimate weekend city. In two days you see and taste it all – from the tile-covered churches to port wine tasting to the city’s famous hearty sandwiches. The architecture and tiles are different to Lisbon, the city is cooler (in temperature) but the people are perhaps a little warmer. There’s not much […]

Tile of the day: Capela das Almas de Santa Catarina in Porto

Azulejos at Capela das Almas de Catarina or Santa Catarina Chapel in Porto

The tiled churches of Porto are simply insane. One minute you’re peacefully wandering the old streets and – boom – you turn a corner and there pops out yet another church or chapel clad in impressive blue-and-white illustrative azulejos.  Today’s #tileoftheday is diving deep on Capela das Almas de Catarina or Capela de Santa Catarina, […]

Tile of the day: Sé Cathedral do Porto

Sé Cathedral do Porto is Porto's best sunset spot

Sé Cathedral do Porto is covered in some of the most spectacular blue-and-white tile scenes to check out. Visit in winter to enjoy a magical sunset from the top of a tower.

The best specialty coffee and cafes in Porto

Porto is a spectacular city

Portugal has no shortage of coffee. It’s there on every corner, every meal, possibly even every hour of the day (and night) for some people. But as much as I’m here for bica culture, there’s a reason the espresso nickname translates to “drink this with sugar”.  And for an Australian about 18,000km from home with […]

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