Portugal Road Trip: Where to stop between Lisbon and Lagos, Algarve

Alcacer do Sal streets

If you have at least five days or even a week in Portugal, you might like to skip south and explore two regions – the capital, Lisbon, and Lagos on the sunny Algarve coast. While you can zip between the city and this charming coastal town in under three hours, if you have the time […]

My 10 favourite Portugal trips in 2023

Daniela wearing a tile dress standing in front of a white Portuguese building in the Algarve

I have a confession to make: I have more fun than I have the energy (or time) to write about on this blog. It’s why last year I had a blast wrapping up my favourite trips across Portugal with a short summary – so I thought I’d do the same this year. From the far […]

Portugal Road Trip: Where to stop between Lisbon and Porto

Things to do in Aveiro with Ola Daniela

Most people visiting Portugal for the first time are keen to visit Lisbon and Porto, the biggest and second-biggest cities. But driving three hours directly from one to another skips out on coastal gems, medieval walled villages, wine regions, castles, and plenty of culture. Yes, Lisbon and Porto are two distinct cities with unique architecture, […]

22 most beautiful castles in Portugal

Castro Laboreiro Castle in the afternoon sun

When diplomacy was more swords than handshakes, castles were critical for Portugal’s defence, especially against attacks from neighbouring Spain and the Moors.  When the Zamora Treaty was signed in 1143, D. Afonso Henriques became the first King of Portugal, and Alphonse the VII of León and Castile, recognised this small nation as an independent kingdom. […]

Itinerary: My ideal 7-day Algarve road trip

Casa Igreja, Cacela Velha, Algarve

Golden shores with gently lapping waves. The smell of grilled sardines and sunscreen. Trees heavy with figs, lemons and olives. White-washed villages watching slow days pass by. I love the Algarve, especially in the summer, and it’s not hard to see why Portugal’s southern coast is a favourite destination for beach holidays. Below you’ll find […]

Itinerary: Our magical 5-day Madeira Island road trip

Madeira Island

Life on much of Madeira is a battle between man and nature. Moments from the coastline, sharp, jagged mountains rise out of the earth covered in thick, green foliage that few manage to tame. A scattering of typical Portuguese houses with terracotta roofs dot the ridges and valleys. We catch but a glimpse as we […]

48 hours in Monsaraz

Jorge in the Alentejo at Monsaraz

This area of the Alentejo is dotted with cute towns, wineries, olive groves, prehistoric monuments and the biggest artificial lake in Europe. Here’s my guide for things to do around Monsaraz.

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