Tile of the day: Step inside Capela de São Miguel in Coimbra

Best things to do in Coimbra - visit Capela de São Miguel - University of Coimbra

Having seen many, many tiled chapels it takes quite a lot to blow me away but the Capela de São Miguel in Coimbra is jaw-droppingly beautiful. It’s definitely up there among the most beautiful tiles and breathtaking sights in Portugal. Covered floor-to-ceiling in intricately hand-painted azulejos, ornate wooden balustrades, with a brightly painted ceiling and […]

9 best things to do in Figueira da Foz

Figueira da Foz

Have you ever been ice skating on the beach? For Jorge’s birthday in January I wanted to get away somewhere north of Lisbon, ideally where his family in Aveiro could meet us for lunch and Jorge could enjoy a winter surf. I landed on Figueira da Foz. The small city lies where the River Mondego […]

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