It’s worth a flight to Madeira just to eat these espetadas

Talho de Caniço on Madeira Island

The best espetadas on Madeira Island? Not where we expected to find them. Forget the famous spots in Câmara de Lobos. Next time we land in Madeira we’ll be returning straight to this local espetada spot – which we visited twice on our first trip. Guest post by Jorge Branco. Meat and fire. Sometimes that’s […]

My 6 favourite Portugal adventures from 2022

Things to do in Alentejo - Arraiolos

Naturally, after a couple of pandemic years exploring the width and breadth of Portugal, I jumped at the chance to explore beyond the country’s borders this year. But while it was brilliant to go abroad for new and nostalgic adventures, I started to miss exploring the cute white-washed or stone villages, wild nature and friendly […]

What to eat and drink in Madeira: the best local dishes to try

Poncha a venda do andre Madeira

The beauty of travelling around Portugal is eating through the huge variety of regional dishes, local sweets and unusual. From the north to the south, and out to the remote islands there are so many unique things to try. Here’s a round-up of the best Madeira dishes, foods and drinks you should try while exploring […]

Itinerary: Our magical 5-day Madeira Island road trip

Madeira Island

Life on much of Madeira is a battle between man and nature. Moments from the coastline, sharp, jagged mountains rise out of the earth covered in thick, green foliage that few manage to tame. A scattering of typical Portuguese houses with terracotta roofs dot the ridges and valleys. We catch but a glimpse as we […]

Where to eat and drink in Madeira

Funchal Madeira A Preferida

Bolo de caco. Milho frito. Peixe espada. Lapas. Maracujá. Madeira Island might be part of Portugal, but this sub-tropical drop in the Atlantic has its own strong identity – and most importantly, unique dishes and foods to try. We spent nine days exploring Madeira from east to west, seeking out the best restaurants, snack bars, […]

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