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Made in Portugal: 24 Best Portuguese Sneaker Brands

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From classic kicks with a modern twist to eco-friendly leathers that don’t compromise on sustainability to custom-made kicks complete with an NFT – these Portuguese shoe brands have something for every type of sneaker enthusiast

Portuguese shoes are well known for their quality, style, and detail, and it’s no different when it comes to sneakers and street shoes. Portugal’s shoe-making industry is ever-growing – in 2022 Portugal made around 85 million pairs of shoes, with around 95% being exported, and appetite is only growing.

Portugal’s major cities – Lisbon and Porto – are famous for their hilly, cobbled streets, and there’s no better shoe to navigate the urban landscape than sneakers that blend comfort and style. Fusing tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and trends, these are the best 24 Portuguese sneaker brands to explore and shop whether you’re in Portugal or abroad. 

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Zouri is a Portuguese shoe brand that stands out for its commitment to sustainability. The eco-vegan Portuguese brand pushes boundaries using recycled and natural materials, like cork and pineapple leather, to produce cute and casual sneakers, sandals and slides. Make a positive impact with every step knowing plastic trash collected from the Portuguese coast goes into the rubber of every soul. Zouri manufactures shoes in Guimarāes.

Shop Zouri
Ships worldwide 


Mixing art, travel, and fashion – these sneakers have such a great story. As the name suggests, Shoevenir creates sneakers with designs linked to Portuguese destinations. You can pick the ‘Lisboa’ pair to celebrate memories made in the capital, or the ‘Azores’ one to remember wild times on the islands. Each pair starts with an illustration from a local artist that represents the destination, then that piece of art inspires the shoes. These sneakers are made 100% in Portugal using vegan leather, cotton laces, and a recycled cork insole. 

Shop Shoevenir – use code ‘oladaniela’ for 15% off
Ships worldwide (free)


This 90-year-old sneaker company was recently reborn, bringing the classic style of its legacy shoes with it. Focused on quality and comfort, Sanjo produces all its skater-style sneakers in Portugal. Beyond its unisex collections, Sanjo also creates sneakers for children and outerwear.

Shop Sanjo

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8000kicks creates sustainable and waterproof hemp shoes. Hemp is a super eco-friendly material, and this Portuguese brand aims to make this natural fibre more mainstream. Hemp grows fast and doesn’t need pesticides or much water. 8000kicks sources the hemp from Italy, Romania and China, and then ethically produces its vegan sneakers and shoes in both Portugal and China. If you want the shoes made here, shop the Explorer V1 model – made in factories in Braga and Minde, in the north.
Shop 8000 Kicks
Ships Worldwide (with warehouses in EU and USA)

Nae Vegan Shoes

Nae stands for No Animal Exploitation, so as you’d expect this Portuguese footwear label is entirely vegan. Founded back in 2008, the well-established brand produces men’s shoes and accessories in certified and ethical factories in Portugal. With the environment and durability in mind, Nae explores materials such as piñatex, cork, organic cotton, recycled PET, and vegan leather.

Shop Nae footwear – 15% off with code NAE15
Ships Worldwide

Sustainability looks different at This relatively new brand, born in 2022, uses discarded apple skins and recycles tennis balls to create its range of vegan sneakers. The shoes are made in Portugal near Guimarāes.

Ships worldwide


Since 2008 this shoewear brand has been producing slick, chic and stylish sneakers in Guimarāes. It sounds like the family-run brand was launched off their own manufacturing business, meaning Ambitious has great control and transparency over production.

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Ships worldwide

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Want to design your own sneakers (and turn it into an NFT)? Diverge is a Portuguese shoe brand that disrupts the sneaker world with ready-made or made-to-order custom sneakers. Pick your blank slate or start with inspiration and change everything from the heel and laces to the soul and lining. You can even add custom words on the back. After ordering, your custom sneakers will be ethically made in Portugal using high-quality materials. Production time is around two weeks. Better yet, you can buy an NFT for your design and earn royalties on future sales.

Shop Diverge
Ships worldwide


Portugal is the world’s leading producer of cork, so it’s surprising there aren’t more items made with the sustainable and natural material. AsPortuguesas footwear is entirely procured with thick and comfortable cork souls. It started with the world’s first cork flip-flops, and now they’ve added lace-up and slip-on sneakers.

Ships Europe

ToWorkFor – safety sneakers

One of my favourite things about diving deep into all things Made in Portugal is discovering brands that solve problems I’d never, ever thought of. If you need shoes for work, ToWorkFor is a Portuguese-made brand that specialises in safety sneakers. These are serious sneakers with features like electrostatic discharge and slip resistance on ceramic surfaces and sodium lauryl sulfate. If that means anything to you, or you work outdoors, as a tradesman, or in a factory, these are the shoes for you. 

Shop ToWorkFor
Ships TBC

TenToes Professional – safety sneakers

Another Portuguese brand making shoes for active professionals, TenToes makes safety footwear that offers protection, longevity, style and sustainability. I’m quite surprised at how cool some of their sneakers are, which have been designed for people who work in the military, or as firefighters and police. Think sleek white sneakers ideal for date night but with steel caps, slip resistance, and heat-proof souls. Get yourself a sneaker that really can do it all.

Shop TenToes
Ships worldwide (on request)


Hirundo make absolutely stunning, high-quality off-white leather sneakers with funky rubber soles. The leather, cork insoles, organic cotton laces, and rubber are all sourced from within a few hours of the factory in Porto, and their sustainability mission is continuous improvement. Hirundo also sells cotton t-shirts and socks and has a shop in Lisbon’s Embaixada.

Shop Hirundo
Ships Worldwide

Hirundo footwear mens


I really love the casual sneaker-like shoes or shoe-like sneakers from Lusquinos, which it calls the “all-rounder”. It’s somewhere halfway between a shoe and a sneaker, making a great pair for the office or a more dressed up look that doesn’t compromise on comfort. This brand produces entirely in Portugal with no plastic or metal used in its footwear. 

Shop Lusquinos
Ships Europe & UK

Fly London

Famous worldwide, Fly London actually has its head office in Portugal and produces all footwear here. You can shop Made in Portugal sneakers for both men and women that push trends and style while not forgoing comfort.

Shop Fly London
Ships Europe


Born into a family of shoemakers, Carina and Tiago Pereira tried to take different paths but ultimately returned to the environment they knew best. Algori is their sporty and urban brand that makes sneakers and skate shoes in the north of Portugal.

Shop Algori
Ships Europe, UK, USA

Miguel Vieira

This Portuguese fashion brand embodies elegance, charm, and glamour in its shoe collections. You can shop high-quality, luxe sneakers for men that reflect modern and classic style and use carefully selected raw materials.

Shop Miguel Vieira
Ships Worldwide

Friendly Fires

For over-the-top girly sneakers topped with bows, diamontes, miniature belts, and sequins look to Friendly Fires. This sneaker and boot company makes all its women’s – and kids – shoes here in Portugal. 

Shop Friendly Fire
Ships Europe


This feminine sneaker brand makes comfortable kicks with subtle leopard details, girly colours, and pops of gold hardware. Based in Felgueiras, Contagious designs its sneakers for the modern, independent woman. 

Shop Contagious
Ships Portugal & Spain


This established shoe brand makes sneakers for babies, children, teens, women and men here in Portugal. The prices are surprisingly affordable and the styles are quite cool. A great Portuguese brand for those looking for cheaper footwear that’s still produced here. Ethically produced fashion can be as affordable as Zara. 

Shop Beppi
Ships Worldwide


Inspired by the adventurous spirit of the Dakar rally, this shoe brand designs and makes boots and sneakers for men and women here in Portugal. The shoes – mostly in natural tones and white – use high-quality Portuguese leather.

Shop Dakar
Ships Worldwide


This women’s shoe brand makes on-trend heels along with a limited range of sneakers. Everything is produced in Vila de Cucujães, in the north of Portugal, and the sneakers simple, fashionable and vegan.

Shop Gladz
Ships Worldwide


They’re not quite sneakers, but if you’re in the market for a pair of sports shoes to hit the green – check out Lambda who produce serious golf shoes here in Portugal.

Shop Lambda
Ships Worldwide


Since 1988 this Portuguese men’s shoe brand has been finding an alternative edge to footwear, carving its own path. The brand primarily produces timeless men’s shoes, boots, and sneakers with a smaller women’s range.

Shop Nobrand
Ships Worldwide



“Escape the ordinary” with this Portuguese streetwear label. Esc makes really cool chunky sneakers, slide and sandals in Portugal. 

Shop Esc
Ships Portugal only

That’s it for Portuguese sneakers – Discover more things Made in Portugal…

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