Terracotta pottery is very traditional and handmade by artisans in the Alentejo region. Here's where to shop for it in Evora

Where to shop in Évora: artisans & boutiques

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Whenever I visit a destination I always want to explore what is made there. In the Alentejo that means a rich heritage of terracotta pottery, wool capotes (coats), cork products, folk-art painted furniture, rugs, wine and more.

Évora, the Alentejo capital, is a small and charming city with a historic core that is a joy to explore. Within the old cobblestone streets you’ll find a handful of really fantastic historic shops, chic boutiques, and made-in-Portugal souvenir stores. Here are a dozen or so addresses to seek out next time you’re in Évora.

O Cesto

O Cesto is easily one of the best stores to shop for artisanal Portuguese goods in the country. Its owners have hand selected some of the best artisans and brands, so within the walls you’ll find the very best embroidered cloth, hand-painted tile panels, high-quality terracotta ceramics, Alentejo folk-art boxes, and so much more.

Rua Cinco de Outubro 77, Évora | Google Maps | Website


Lovers of design will enjoy Oxalá, one of the best boutiques or souvenir stores in Évora. Within the walls you’ll find more modern terracotta ceramic jugs, loads of delicious gourmet food and wine, Portuguese-made notebooks, pencils from the only Portuguese pencil factory, and cool art prints from young artists. Well worth a stop to shop beautiful things made in Portugal.

Largo d’Alvaro Velho 7A, Évora | Google Maps | Instagram

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Gente da Minha Terra

This little gift store holds beautiful items made by Portuguese artisans and artists. Think original artworks and beautiful and bespoke ceramic decorations, along with stunning made in Portugal blankets in cotton or wool, natural soaps, and unique tiles.

Rua Cinco de Outubro 39, Évora | Google Maps

Artesanato Diana

This is one of the most old-school artisan shops I’ve ever stepped inside in Portugal. The first thing that hits you is a musky smell, which might come from the wall of sheepskin slippers or the wild fox skins hanging near the counter. Venture further inside to find horse bridles, traditional Portuguese felt hats, blankets, capotes (a type of wool coat that is traditional in the Alentejo region), and really beautiful traditional ceramics.

Rua Cinco de Outubro 56, Évora | Google Maps

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Capote’s Emotion

I adore this small and chic atelier dedicated to capotes. At the boutique and next-door workshop you can shop a unique range of colours and innovative styles inspired by the capote Alentejano. If you have the time, or patience for postage, the ladies can custom-make a Portuguese wool coat for you. 

Rua Miguel Bombarda 16, Évora | Google Maps

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Fonte das Letras Bookshop

It caught my eye that this independent bookstore offered books in English, French and Spanish, so I popped in to see what was available. The curation is tight but excellent, with a focus on books about Portugal – whether that’s fact or fiction. I picked up a historical fiction about Portugal’s conquests in the 1500s.

Rua de Vasco da Gama N.º 8, Évora | Google Maps

A Chapelaria – Hat Store

Since 1939 this small hat store has served the people of Évora. Inside, on the vintage shelving, find a range of hats for men and women of all shapes and sizes. I noticed that many of the hats were made in Spain, and it’s always nice to see European-made goods for sale. You will notice the quality! 

Rua da República 7, Évora | Google Maps

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Galeria Teoartis – Tile Studio

This tiny gallery and ceramic studio produces one-of-a-kind azulejos (tiles), artworks, and souvenirs. There is a lot of love in this small space, and you can pick up unique gifts or tiles to take home. 

Rua Cinco de Outubro 78, Évora 

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Cork products

Portugal is the largest cork producer in the world, and much of it is grown on the vast plains of the Alentejo region. I didn’t grab the name of any particular cork shop, but if you haven’t noticed there is a critical mass of cute boutiques and gift stores on Rua Cinco de Outubro. Along this strip you’ll find general boutiques, shops selling terracotta ceramics, and others selling cork. There is a huge variety of cork sold here, from raw and rustic cuts fashioned into a traditional makeshift bowl, through to cork-covered sneakers, bags, and cases.

Rua Cinco de Outubro

Coisa do Alentejo

This small boutique, Coisas do Alentejo, is another one on Rua 5 de Outobro that caught my eye. Here the boutique souvenir store mostly stocks ceramics and pottery from the São Pedro do Corval, the largest ceramic-making village in Portugal. What I liked was that beyond the traditional hand-painted terracotta jugs, plates, and bowls there was a range of more modern or contemporary ceramics.

Rua Cinco de Outubro 57A, Évora | Facebook | Google Maps

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Do Largo

The neighbour of Oxalá is a gorgeous café connected to an organic herb farm. Do Largo sells a range of gourmet foods, including aromatic herbs, honey, olive oil, and house-made bread. Stop by for a coffee and slice of cake, and leave with a delicious memento from your time in Évora.

Largo d’Alvaro Velho 5, Évora | Do Largo website | Google Maps

Quica Lavores – Linen & Towels

One of the more underrated stores you’ll find in small towns or traditional neighbourhoods is the old-school inconspicuous spot selling home textiles. Think towels, bedsheets, tablecloths and more. Inside Quica Lavores, more than 95% of what’s on the shelves is made in Portugal, and the store also stocks cute gifts like slippers, soaps, aprons and tea towels. There’s a good reason the Spanish often cross the border to buy Portuguese towels!

Rua João de Deus 38-44, Évora | Facebook | Google Maps

Évora Map: The best boutiques and shops

Where to stay in Évora

You can stay anywhere in the old city centre of Évora and be within walking distance of the top sights and best restaurants, tascas, or sweet shops. Évora is fairly flat, so it’s easy to navigate – it is filled with cobblestone streets that may be tricky to traverse if you have mobility issues.

That’s my list of the best places to shop for artisanal crafts and things made in Portugal in Évora. Leave a comment with your favourite spot, or if you try any of these

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