16 most beautiful villages and small towns in Portugal

Soajo is one of the most beautiful villages in Portugal

With their tile-covered facades, art deco details and historic landmarks, Portugal’s cities and big towns are absolutely gorgeous. But there’s nothing like the magic of visiting tiny charming villages. Having travelled far and wide across Portugal over the past couple of years, I’ve been swept up in the spell of so many beautiful white-washed coastal […]

Exploring Hvar & Vis Islands in Croatia

Komiza on Vis Island in Croatia

I love Portugal but one of its great faults is the icy temperatures of the Atlantic Ocean. This year I was craving to swim in warm ocean water. Pair that desire with an overdue need to see cousins in Croatia and off I went. From the moment I landed in Split I was spoilt with […]

Explore Monsanto, Portugal’s magical rock village

Wind whips my face and bells toll as I look out over the plains towards Spain, wondering what it was like to wait here endlessly for an attack. High on this rocky mountain top, standing on the walls of a castle built in 1171, I can see how this fortress helped hold the border when […]

Weekend guide to Guimarães

Weekend guide to Guimaraes

Welcome to the birthplace of Portugal. Step back in time with this weekend guide of things to do in Guimarães.

Tile of the day: Sesimbra

Tile in Sesimbra

Just 30 minute from Lisbon, the hard-working fishing village of Sesimbra is topped by an ancient castle and surrounded by forest parks and the sea.

Tile of the day: Palacio de Estoi

Estoi Palace, Algarve, Portugal

Let’s explore Palacio de Estoi and its incredible tiled staircase. Construction began on this palace in 1840 and it is considered the “most significant manifestation of Romanticism in the Algarve”.

#tileoftheday: Aveiro

The city of Aveiro has incredible art deco architecture, plenty of tiles and even a few canals running through the historic centre. I 100% recommend it as an essential stop for anyone driving from Lisbon to Porto.

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